St. Mary's Haven is a coalition of Survivor advocates that recognize the distinct lack of resources and organizations who support Survivors of clergy abuse. Together with Survivors and advocates we aim to change this, and build a strong alliance which champions the health and recovery of Survivors, first and foremost.


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St. Mary MacKillop

"Never see a need without doing something about it!"

St. Mary MacKillop is our patron saint at St. Mary's Haven. Her virtue and courage are qualities that inspire us.


St. Mary MacKillop was our first advocate for Survivors of clergy abuse. She was excommunicated out of revenge for her part in uncovering the sex abuse of one Father Keating at a nearby parish. MacKillop and the Josephite sisters reported the abuse to the vicar-general, Bishop Sheil, and disciplinary

action was taken against Keating. This humiliated him and his friends which included Fr. Horan.

Fr. Horan was angered by the report, and he harbored a grudge against MacKillop and the other whistleblowers

and used his influence over Bishop Sheil

to convince him to excommunicate St. Mary MacKillop

from the Catholic Church. 

Bishop Sheil finally removed the punishment on his death bed.

St. Mary MacKillop's courage and devotion to protecting the innocence of our children and Survivors is an example to all of us. 

St. Mary MacKillop is a patron saint for every Survivor of clergy abuse and their family. Her intercessions include: for the end of trauma and abuse, for healing and wholeness, for the ability to forgive, and for a more just and transparent Church.