St. Mary's Haven is a coalition of Survivor advocates that recognize the distinct lack of resources and organizations who support Survivors of clergy abuse. Together with Survivors and advocates we aim to change this, and build a strong alliance which champions the health and recovery of Survivors, first and foremost.


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Detroit, MI 48207


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St. Mary's Haven is a coalition of Survivor advocates whose mission is to remind Survivors of clergy abuse they are never alone. This year we are working to build our network of Survivors and advocates, but in order to be the best organization for Survivors possible we need some help.

St. Mary's Haven is in need of the following Volunteers:


Medical Professionals

Legal Professionals

Social Media Intern

Written Communications Intern

Marketing Professionals

Survivor Mentors

Community Partnerships


Spiritual Advisor

Coalition of Survivor Advocates

St. Mary's Haven believes that no Survivor should ever be alone. That's why we provide every Survivor with an advocate to help them through every step of their journey to ensure that no matter what a Survivor never feels alone.


We believe Survivors need a safe space to share their stories, thoughts, advice, and ask for help on a secure online forum. 


Finding a good attorney or therapist is an important decision, because your experience must be represented correctly.

Here at St. Mary's Haven, we can help

you through every step of the recovery process because you

are never alone. 



St. Mary's Haven is creating a community home located in Detroit meant solely for Survivors of clergy abuse. The environment will be welcoming and all necessities will be provided. The goal is to provide a safe space for Survivors to heal and grow both independently and in a group. We intend on opening our doors later next year and will provide more information at our Survivors of Clergy Abuse Banquet next year. If you can provide any offerings to our mission, please follow the link below.

If you are a Survivor in need of housing, please contact us below.



It can be difficult adapting back into

day-to-day life when

recovering from clergy abuse.

St. Mary's Haven is partnered with

businesses who hire Survivors!

This ensures a smooth transition with bosses who understand your

unique story in addition to

your skills and ablities.


Our relationship with God is personal and beautiful. During your daily meditations, please include these prayers 

specifically written for

Survivors of clergy abuse.