St. Mary's Haven is a coalition of Survivor advocates that recognize the distinct lack of resources and organizations who support Survivors of clergy abuse. Together with Survivors and advocates we aim to change this, and build a strong alliance which champions the health and recovery of Survivors, first and foremost.


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Mary Rose Maher

Mary Rose Maher worked for over 15 years helping abusive priests within the Catholic Church.

In that time, she learned there were many organizations and a great deal of support

for abusive priests, but very little

support for Survivors of clergy abuse.

Mary Rose is passionate to help other Survivors find healing resources and

be a partner in recovery.

William Chundrlik

William Chundrlik graduated from Oakland University in 2015 with a degree in Political Science and Journalism. He spent much of his youth as an active volunteer and advocate for the disenfranchised. 


After meeting another Survivor of Fr. Eduard Perrone, William was moved by his story and experience. Together, they discussed the amount of resources supporting Fr. Perrone and his staggering belief of innocence. Yet, resources and support for his Survivor was far less. They decided this was a problem we could fix.

By bringing together people who care about Survivors and organizing a coalition, we guarantee every Survivor can be confident

they are never alone.


William Chundrlik and Mary Rose Maher started St. Mary's Haven in April of 2019 to advocate on behalf of Survivors and provide support at a community level